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29 September 2017

Hi Julia and Emanuel,

The trip far exceeded my expectations and I am full of possibilities now.

On a personal note, I don’t think I have ever felt so welcomed by a group of people before and I look forward to working more closely with you guys.

Stay in touch – you guys were so amazing and Sitia is in my head.


Paul D._Manchester – UNITED KINGDOM

28 September 2017

Julia/ Emanuel,

Thank you so much for your kind hospitality. We will never forget the amazing experience.

The trip was very insightful and really good all the opportunities Sitia has to offer.

We will be in touch soon regarding projects and continue to enjoy building a strong partnership.

Look forward to speaking to you both soon.

All the best,

Emma B._Manchester – UNITED KINGDOM

21 March 2017

Julia & Emanuel,

Thank you for your assistance with our UDC tender, we are awaiting an update but proposed your solutions which we were very impressed with and are optimistic.

Can you please organize to send us more catalogues as we have sent all cataloguesto clients now and don’t have any more in the showroom.

Many thanks.

Kind Regards,

Michelle L._Dublin - IRELAND

19 April 2017

Good afternoon Emanuel,

Our customer is satisfied :)

I have just received the picture from our interior designer!

Thank you

Marta S. - POLAND

11 April 2017

Good morning Julia, 

Thank you very much for your quick response it is very much appreciated.

If you could pass on my thanks to Emanuel also.


John Q._Dublin- IRELAND

27 February 2017

Dear Mr. Emanuel,

I am very glad to met You and your colleagues.

You made a lasting impression on us. It is doubly nice that You are not only a great professional but also a wonderful person.

Thank you for Your visit to our humble office. We hope to continue working with You and your colleagues.

Olga joins me in sending regards and hope for long-term cooperation with Sitia.

With respect to You and Your business Inga and Olga.


30 November 2016

Dear Emanuel,

I would like to thank you for your quick reply and also mention  that you have a very interesting collection which suits our style.

We would be glad to work with you.



03 October 2016

Hi Emanuel,

Just to let you know that I am very happy with the way you treat me as a customer. You are so quick in answering questions and making quotations and more important, you are great in making the best samples in no-time! Thanks!


28 July 2016

(Reply to newsletter "Summer holidays...??? We are NOT closed!")
This is a good move!! I will promote your products today to our clients!!
Melanie H._London - UNITED KINGDOM

28 July 2016

(Reply to newsletter "Summer holidays...??? We are NOT closed!")
Hello Manu,
I'll do an info email to inform all customers/prospects today.
Good "holidays" anyway...
Vincent D._FRANCE

28 July 2016

(Reply to newsletter "Summer holidays...??? We are NOT closed!")
Good marketing technic, Emanuel. “ Sitia stands out ”.
And also, missed telling you...your new collection is ‘WAAAV’!

28 July 2016

Buon giorno Emanuel~
I received my 400 kilos of catalogues!! WOW! Bellissimo! (I could have used more then one price book - is there a separate PDF for the price book?)
I am sending some of the catalogues and information to the design firm up in San Francisco today.
Michael R._California - USA

08 July 2016

Beautiful chairs! Congratulations and thanks

Michela_Trento - ITALY

22 June 2016

Dear Emanuel,
it was a nice surprise to receive the catalog and my business cards today.
You are always surprising me with quality and care with your things.
It's a pleasure to work with you and see things you do.
Fàbio B._São Paulo - BRAZIL

08 April 2016

Emanuel, the new shared pictures are great. I am sure that architects will be impressed.


07 April 2016

Emanuel, you don't know how much I'm happy to see the new brand, new products and colours I'm seeing on Facebook in recent days. Everything is gorgeous.
Congratulations, excellent work. I bet it will be a success.
Fàbio B._São Paulo - BRAZIL

19 February 2016

Good job Emanuel. We really appreciated your help and dedication.

Gabriella G._Trento - ITALY

05 May 2015

Stools arrived thanks. They were very expensive.....but worth every penny.

They are the best bar stools we've ever seen. And supremely comfortable.

Major bar stools

Alan and Elissa_London - UNITED KINGDOM

26 March 2015

La ringrazio sinceramente della sua visita presso il nostro laboratorio, siamo stati felici di conoscerla di persona e le facciamo i nostri complimenti per l’eccellenza dei suoi prodotti.

Mi auguro di potere esporre al meglio i suoi prodotti ai nostri futuri committenti.

Lucia A. M. _ Roma - ITALY

26 November 2014

Congratulation for the new catalogue and the new products, are very beautiful.

Congrats for the good work!!

Joan V_Barcelona - SPAIN