Couture Art


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes…
Art is knowing which ones to keep

Sigmund an invitingly comfortable, sleek, delicate seat resting on a metal base: the minimalist design makes this chaise longue look especially light. The headrest can be fixed into the best position for enjoying an afternoon rest, reading the newspaper or relaxing in front of the TV. Sigmund can be upholstered in fabrics or leather and it is suitable for nice Executive Office, Vip lounge area, at home, Wellness centre or Psychic studios, deluxe hotel room.

Design by Arch. Giorgio Parise


Sigmund Art is a Limited Edition painted by the artist Thomas Diego Armonia with the paints:




The universe of Thomas D. Armonia, Paris-adopted Italian artist, is rich in sources, and his paintings of modern and classical women express those values of universal refinement which have seduced the luxury, fashion and design sectors.

The decision to bring together different worlds (art, luxury, design) is for the artist yet another stylised enrichment which, together with his paintings, adds that touch of glamour which has become his trademark. When you look at Sigmund paints, “Amour Fulgurant et Amour Passionné”, you see a world: the eyes of a man and a woman loving each other, soften your heart, captivate and seduce your soul. In Sigmund Art the artist opted to use only a scale of greys: no more colours, a choice which comes through in the density of the eyes and the plays of light. The chaise longue Sigmund Art “Amour Fulgurant et Amour Passionné” will be exposed in design museums.