Trimundo is a table with an essential design, available in different sizes. The top is available in mdf, marble or clear glass. Perfect both in a hall or in a private living room, it stands out for its aesthetic simplicity and its blade legs.

technical details

Technical details

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Diego Barbieri

Diego Barbieri was born in Vicenza in 1978, at the age of 20 was selected by most important architecture and industrial design studios as a young designer. His style takes shape during this experiences, becoming an encounter between art, design and architectural design. The continuous research and experimentation of new materials and forms completes the alternative route profile, a mix of functionality, beauty, classic style and avantgarde design. In 2012 was found OPS! , an ideas developer. Sustainable objects and projects, not only from the technical standpoint but also from human profile. Born from four people meeting, today OPS! puts together different professionals from all over the world, with different cultural backgrounds sharing a common project by joining passion, curiosity and experiences.