As a naturally smooth shell Hibiscus is a refined armchair, which does not invade the place where it is located. Particularly adaptable, it changes appearance depending on colours combinations, never taken for granted.

technical details

Technical details

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Valentina Battocchio was born in Vicenza (Italy) in 1984.
In 2003 she got the diploma in school specializing in scientific subjects, in Vicenza.
Since 2004 she has studied at University of Trieste, Faculty of Architecture.
During her studies in Architecture she carry out an experience in architectural and urban planning and interior design:
- Collaboration with Codroipo town in retraining of Second World War’s constructions (bunkers of Beano and Rivolto)
- Collaboration with Monfalcone town planning the new waterfront of city
- Planning for a hotel in mountain town with an Architecture’s students group
- Collaboration with Sitia planning chairs “Hibiscus” and “Night&Day”
- Study and planning furnishing disposition in waiting hall of Ismet Hospital in Palermo
Actually she works and studies in Vicenza and Trieste.