Made in italy: Only the brave

The term ‘Made in Italy’ is traditionally associated with the “beautiful and well made” a fundamental characteristic of Italian products: product design, high in creativity, innovation, originality, style and quality. 
‘Made in Italy’ label also means that a product is entirely made in Italy, from the design and working out on paper, up till the product is made finished and ready for sale. The Made in Italy name denote the actual and total provenance and production in Italy of the article that bears its name.
Recently the Made in Italy label has unfortunately been the victim of much counterfeiting by those who, profiting shamefully from the brand’s prestige, use it on various kind of products that are in no way Italian, products of poor quality and manufacture made for only a few Euros a piece and which are then sold in the markets at prices that are certainly much lower than a genuine Made in Italy article.
Recent legislation has recognized and defined the concept of “Made in Italy” with new  Regulation and Decree regarding the “Made in Italy” label are important provisions protecting Italian manufacturing. The Parliament is also discussing a bill which will improve such protection for the Italian production. These regulations increase the penalties provided for in the Penal Code by an additional 1/3 for cases involving the illegal use of the “100% Made in Italy” label.
SITIA brand is a keen supporter of the genuine 100% MADE IN ITALY: some things remain untouchable, and quality is certainly one of them. High quality products last generations and contribute to sustainability. High levels of craftsmanship foster a healthy working environment where skills are passed on through generations promoting a healthy and strong workforce that in turn reflects on the quality of the finished product. 
Sitia co. puts his heart and soul into his craft : our true ‘Made in Italy’ is made with love.


For Venetians, ornament follows function: 
a Palladian "villa", for example, is a house built 
in the Venetian country side that, when transferred to 
America, Africa or Australia, becomes everyone’s 
ideal dream-house.
A gondola is made from two hundred eighty pieces 
and eight types of wood and a young apprentice spends 
fifteen years learning to make one and therefore 
become a grown man.
This is the land, history and culture that 
nourish Sitia’s roots.
Fine tailoring, precision, passion, craftsmanship, 
natural materials, prized leathers and original fabrics 
clothe designs that are the result of over 40 years 
of experience and a deep knowledge of the workmanship 
required to design and produce seating.
State-of-the-art technologies, certified processes 
and procedures, highly-scientific structural concepts 
obtained through innovative research and exclusive 
patents that optimize the quality of Sitia’s products, 
making them superior to all others.



About Sitia

Modern Chairs Born in the City of Art

Located about 50 kilometers west of Venice, the city of water. Vicenza, in the Veneto region, designed by the 15th century architect Andrea Palladio and his students, is dotted with mansions that are registered as World Heritage Sites. 
Sitia, a maker of tailor made modern style chairs was established in this city of art in 2002. The company is lead by maestro Pergentino Battocchio who has 47 years of experience making chairs.

Taking Pride in Tailor Made

Beautiful artistic form, leather that is slippery to the touch, wrapping around your body when you sit for an elegantly comfortable feeling. 
Customers from all over the world are fascinated by Sitia chairs. 
With respect for the individual cultures of their various customers, Sitia does not force it’s own personal style, all chairs are tailor made.
“Of course we have the materials, but we also have the skill to meet any request” This is the pride of the Italian furniture artisan.

Communicating Techniques from Mouth to Ear

All the production design of Sitia is based on the long experience of Mr. Battocchio.  In his head are the memories of many of the works that he has seen over the long years.  Once he has fully processed his ideas and the image is clear in his head, he grabs a pencil and sketches directly onto plywood.  His style is to create a model by layering boards using hand tools and a ruler. Upon receiving the parts ordered from the supplier, he does the work himself, everything from packing the cushion materials to assembly. He pays close attention to where to focus energy and which places to check during the process. For about six months, he repeats the process 50 times so that he can fully understand the points that the craftsmen should pay attention to. At this time, Mr. Battocchio finally tells the craftsmen in charge of each process about the techniques for producing the new chair. Because his specific directions are followed faithfully, perfect products are born.

Sitia’s message to his costumers

Take an innocent look at the most common, everyday act. Simplify, return to the essence of action, to make it more natural, free and comfortable. A strong, original design: innovation isn’t limited to the details. New arrangements for office life were studied: tensions, dynamics, the most modern concepts of posture and sitting. The free, flexible design supports the actions and movements of working people, their thoughts, talents, expectations, decisions.
Please take a seat in one of our  “Made In Italy” chairs: we think that maybe you can discover the excellence of tailor made chairs.